Hey, so is it up?

Yeah. I had some problems and now I have some other problems.

Oh yeah?

I’m working on it. But it’s up, ok? 

Yeah, ok. I just wanted to know. You think my tour of the boroughs helped?

…(I don’t know if he’s serious or not. If he’s not serious, I should tell him it was totally the best thing and then we can laugh with each other about what a hair-brained idea that was. If he’s serious, though… I guess I should tell him the same thing. Right? Because he seemed pretty gung-ho about the whole thing and I don’t want to seem like I’m crapping on his idea. On the other hand, it was a pretty mediocre idea.)

It couldn’t have hurt. 

You’re alright kid. Let’s go meet at that place in Sheepshead Bay, surf-n-turf. On me.

Hey, great! (Who’s gonna look down on surf-n-turf?)



I had to call Tommy up, because I wasn’t sure.

Hey Tommy, how well you know this guy, Bern?
I know him very well. Why?
Like, he’s a good friend of yours? You’d be godfather to his kids and stuff?
Well, I don’t know if I’d go that far.
OK. Good. Listen, I don’t want to offend you or your friend or anything, but I Think this Bern guy is a criminal.
Right. You remember I met him in prison, right?
Yeah. But.
No, there’s no ‘but’ here. Bern is a criminal.
Why do you want to have anything to do with a guy like that?
Don’t be so narrow minded. Besides it’s a great story.
‘Story.’ So you don’t think it’s real.
Don’t be daft. Is that why you’re calling?
I just don’t want to get called by the Europol or something.
Interpol. Europlo. Didn’t they change the name? To Europol.
I don’t think so.
It sounds good though, right? Like they should have.
Well. So what’s the hold up with this thing?
No hold up. It’s just that thing. That’s all.
OK then as long as we’re clear: Bern is a criminal. It’s a good story.
Got it.

Bumped into him at the Deli

You’re just the man I wanted to see.

Hello Tommy, nice to see you.

I got another one for you.

Oh yeah?

Yeah, Bern sent it to me.


You know, the Swiss guy I was in the hoosegow with. In Mexico.

The Fado singer.

That’s the one. I’ll send it to you this week so you can get right on it.

Alright. The stuffed peppers look good don’t they?

Yeah, they mix the feta with garlic, a little parsley, olive oil and then some black pepper. Of course, you gotta get fresh piquillo peppers, you need that sweetness to really set off the saltiness of the Feta. When I lived on Tsougria we ate it every week.

Where do you get your peppers now? 

I’m still looking. I’ve been thinking about growing my own. OK, I gotta go. I’ll be in touch.