So how’s it going Tommy?

Oh man. That guy, that Henry James is one weird fucking guy.

Well, he lived in a different time, right?

Weird is weird. Don’t matter when he lived. He was weird then, he’s weird now.

So how far you get? You done?

I’m on page twelve.


It’s hard. Plus I’ve been busy.

Oh yeah?

Yeah, but I can’t talk about that. Maybe later.

Mixed Blessing

(He starts talking as I’m picking up the phone,)

…and I think I got a contract.

A what? That’s great! A contract, but, wait, what. For what?

A book.

What. No shit?

Yeah, remember? My idea? To write people into books? Well Daisy Miller is now going to be Valeriya Malinovskiya.

Oh fuck you Tommy. That’s funny, it really is. I actually know someone named Malinovskiya.

Might be a cousin! Anyway, I need a computer lesson, or two, from you when you got the time, so I can bang this out.