I first met Tommy playing hand-ball down at the courts on Coney Island.

Karl’s name, “Karl Aust’s” real name is Tommy. So, I met Karl blah-blah-blah. I’m being upfront about the name switheroo because I figure 1.) so few people read this crap anyway and 2.)Tommy himself told me he didn’t care, as long as I left his last name out.

So we met at the handball court, this is a couple years ago now. We played for beers and I lost, which I was pretty sour about, but it turns out Tommy is a pretty funny guy and a terrific liar. I know the liar part should be a draw-back but his checks always clear and he pretty consistently lies only about ridiculous thing. So I over-look it.

We started talking about this, writing, maybe six months ago. I told him I’d write down some of his less plausible stories and we’d call them fiction, and you know, sell them online and make some bank.

Though that part, to be honest, isn’t really working out so well. Though what did I expect, internet-wise I’m like a fish with a base-ball glove.

Any rate, that’s what this is about. Raw self-promotion. If I can make a million bucks, Tommy promises me I get a third.


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